Coaches ID Program Details

Coaches ID Program Details

In 2020, the AZ BJJ League is working on one of the biggest requests and feedback from the coaches, the "Coaching Area". We will be experimenting with new procedures to find the most effective system, which will vary based on the venue that the tournament is going to take place.

Starting in February of 2020, the League will be issuing ID Cards to the black belts of Arizona. The ID will allow the black belt to enter the tournaments free of charge.  Once in the venue, we will also be implementing a coach's area.  The coach's area will provide the coach unobstructed view of the mat, scoreboard, and match time.  You will need an AZBJJL issued coaches ID to enter this area.

Starting at the Copa Bella and Kid's Cup 2020 on April 25th ID's from the IBJJF or any other organization will NOT grant a free pass to black belts to attend the event.

For the calendar year of 2020 black belts will be able to apply for the ID online free of charge. On December 31st, 2020 all ID cards will expire and the card renewal will be $25 annually thereafter.

Regarding the annual fee of $25, 80% of this amount, $20, will be DONATED to the 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization Jiu-Jitsu Tribe and 20% of the amount, $5, will be used for processing fees and extra expenses.  If you would like to learn more about Jiu Jitsu Tribe please visit

Coaches conduct code applicable to AZBJJL sanctioned events

  • The coach’s action inside the competition area is limited to communicating with the athlete. Tactics and strategies advise, motivating, instructions to unpredictable situations, injuries.
  • The coach must remain in the designated coaching area during the whole match.
  • No comments are to be made towards the referee at any time during the match.
  • At any time, there will be no inappropriate language or gestures allowed towards the referee, opponents, event officials, or spectators.
  • Hitting, tapping, kicking the publicity panels or other equipment inside the competition area is prohibited.


Any coach that does not follow any article of this code, in or outside of the premises, will be prevented from joining their athlete(s) inside the competition area during the event. The coach, athlete or the academy are subject to penalties, such as suspension of membership, participation in other events, or can be banned from AZBJJL sanctioned event sites.