2019 AZ Kids Cup and Copa Bella Results

By Danny O’Donnell

The 2019 AZ Kids Cup and Copa Bella tournaments took place on Saturday April 27th at Phoenix College. High level competitors, a cash prize for the female brown/black absolute champion, and a new warm up mat for competitors made this edition of the tournament stand out above the rest. The kids kicked the day off followed by the women’s weight class divisions and ending with the open class divisions. Chute Boxe Academy came away with the #1 ranked academy (single location) while GD Jiu Jitsu Association was the #1 team (multiple locations) for the kids. Maracaba BJJ was the #1 ranked academy for the Copa Bella while Lotus Club AZ was the #1 team. Full results can be found below.

As Jiu Jitsu continues to grow throughout the state so too does the level of the competitors. The 2019 Copa Bella offered a cash prize for the female brown/black absolute division to award one of the state’s best competitors. The division consisted of Lauren Murphy (MMA Lab), Gudrun Gunther (Chute Boxe Academy), and Lisa Pages (Jay Pages Jiu Jitsu Academy). Lauren Murphy used her takedowns and top game to take home the gold medal and the cash prize. Congratulations to all of the competitors this weekend. All of you are the reason that Arizona continues to shine as one of the top states for Jiu Jitsu in the country!

2019 Kids Cup Results

1.       Chute Boxe Academy

2.       Lotus Club Fight & Fitness

3.       Refuge BJJ

4.       De Boa Jiu Jitsu Academy

5.       North Side BJJ AZ

6.       The Eyrie BJJ

7.       Maracaba BJJ

8.       Carlos Farias BJJ

9.       Soul Fighters Glendale

10.   Cannon BJJ

2019 Copa Bella Results

1.       Maracaba BJJ

2.       Carlos Farias BJJ

3.       AZ Combat Sports

4.       Roots BJJ & Fitness

5.       Ethos Martial Arts AZ

6.       Ares/Nava BJJ

7.       Daimyo BJJ

8.       Lotus Club Fight & Fitness

9.       Jay Pages Jiu Jitsu Academy

10.   Chute Boxe Academy