AZBJJF Accredited Academies

by Danny OD

As part of the transition to the Smoothcomp tournament software, all academies must now register with the AZBJJF to be accredited.

As Jiu Jitsu continues to grow, more and more academies are opening up all across the state. The purpose behind the accreditation process is to ensure that all academies represented in AZBJJF tournaments are under qualified coaches and instructors. This keeps the standard high for all schools and encourages more competitive divisions at all ages and ranks.

In order for an academy to become accredited, they must have a black belt instructor or must be affiliated under a black belt.

Under the AZBJJF guidelines, an affiliation is one team that may or may not have several clubs/academies representing it.

An academy is defined as one school/club with students training for one (or more) instructors in one local place.

Separate awards will be presented to the top Affiliations and Academies at the end of each competition season, so it is important to understand the distinction between the two.

Please contact [email protected] to setup your affiliation and/or academy.

Once your school account is created your students will see the academy in the list of schools when they register. Next, coaches can get listed for each academy. Once registered as a coach, you can register your students, move them between divisions and even create your own academy page.

For more information on this process please visit

Contact support if you need help or have questions, don’t wait until the last moment! Get your academy registered today!