How to Register using smoothcomp

  • Go to the event page under the Tournament menu item.
  • Select ‘Register to Event’
  • You will now create your account - if you are a parent, you will be creating it with your child’s information as each child will have a their own account. At this time each child will need to have their own email address as this is what is used to identify their unique account, Smoothcomp is working on creating a family account.
  • Register to Event
  • The phone number will eventually be defaulted to the country code that the tournament is located in.
  • Select your academy name, not affiliation and add this to your profile. Talk to your coach or email us at [email protected] if you are having problems.
  • Once you have filled in your information only the divisions that are applicable to you should be able to be registered in.
  • If you stop without paying then the registration will still show up on the organizers side but with a red dot stating the registration hasn’t been paid for yet.
  • At anytime now you can log back in and change your information, weight class, etc. if necessary. (Up until the athlete correction date, usually the Monday @ 9pm prior to the event.)

Problems? Questions? Email us [email protected]