The AZBJJL adopts the IBJJF rule set for all tournaments. Please follow the link below for the most up to date rules.



Please check important info about uniform HERE


Points will be awarded to the top 8 athletes in a bracket as follows:

1st: 90 points

2nd: 30 points

3rd: 10 points

4th: 10 points

5th: 5 points

6th: 5 points

7th: 5 points

8th: 5 points

Attention Parents:

Please review your child’s registration and confirm if all the divisions are registered properly. Full competitors list will be available on Saturday one week before the tournament on the registration website. If any corrections need to be made, send an email to the tournament contact email by TUESDAY before the tournament @ 10 pm. Your child’s registration does not include the spectator fee.

Athletes should be in the warm up area at least 30 minutes prior to the time assigned for his or her division on the schedule.

IMPORTANT!! The weigh in system is the same used by IBJJF. The competitor will weigh in before his first match. If you don’t make weight, you will be immediately disqualified. Please make sure that you are in the correct weight category. You cannot change divisions, if you do not make your designed division. No changes will be accepted on the day of the tournament, and no refunds will be made. We offer an extra scale for people to check their weights before.

IMPORTANT!! Each academy can only have two athletes in the same division (of age/weight/belt). If your academy has problems regarding the number of athletes in each division, please send and e-mail to tournament contact email address.

We are not responsible for choosing which competitors will represent their team in the case of more than 2 competitors signing-up from the same team. If no e-mail is sent, then the first 2 competitors registered will represent their team (Team A, who score points for the school). The remaining competitors will be separated into “Team B”, “Team C”, etc. Example: Points scored by “Team B” will not count towards “Team A”.

Weigh-In Policies and Procedures for the Kids Division (4-15 yrs):

If a child weighs in over their weight limit, is registered in the wrong division, or have no matches in their registered bracket (chose not to move in age/weight/gender or alone in bracket) they will NOT compete in their division. However, they will still receive a chance to compete in a separate bracket where they will be matched-up accordingly (belt, age, gender and weight) against another competitor in the same situation. These matches will be exhibition only, no points will be awarded towards their team.

During the tournament, any mistakes on the brackets that were not corrected on the check-day (Tuesday before the tournament) will lead to immediate disqualification. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE AFTER THE REGISTRATION CHECK DATE!

Every athlete will be given an opportunity of AT LEAST one match. There will be a designated Mat Coordinator responsible for setting up matches in cases of only one competitor in the bracket or disqualified competitors, upon coaches, parents, and organization approval. These matches will be EXHIBITION ONLY and no points will be awarded towards their team.

Grey and Yellow Belts used to compete together, but after numerous requests, now Grey and Yellow belts will compete in different divisions. The divisions will be thinner, so we decided to offer an option of grey belt moving up to yellow belt if no matches are available in his/or her division.

“Willing to move up to move up to yellow belt (kids grey belt only)”

Orange and Green belts compete together.

We don’t guarantee that all kids will have more than one match. In a 4 person bracket, the kid loses in the semi finals, they will compete for the third place to have an extra match. When there are only two kids in the division, they will compete in a best-of-three system. Divisions or weight classes are subject to change. We do NOT offer refunds***

****Exception to NO-REFUND policy: Athletes who are alone in their bracket are eligible to receive a full refund of the registration fee if they cancel their registration before the athlete correction date. Instructions on how to do this can be found at:

Attention Coaches:

All schools must be affiliated with AZBJJL, operate under a certified team, with their lead coach being promoted by a recognized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. We do not support unrecognized or self-promoted individuals in order to maintain our high standards within the BJJ practice.

When your student signs up for the competition, he/she is asked to pick the name of the team and the name of the coach. Once there is an accumulation of competitors under a team; that is when the coaches’ list start. GD Events utilizes the names of the head coaches and assistant coaches according to the team size, extra coaching passes will be provided.

Below is the breakdown:

Schools with 1 competitor or no competitor – no free entry for coach

Schools between 2 and 9 competitors – 1 coach

Schools between 10 to 15 competitors – 2 coaches

Schools between 16 to 24 competitors – 3 coaches

Schools with over 25 competitors – 4 coaches

If a team has multiple schools competing under one name, coaches will receive entry based on the number of students representing their specific school.

The coach’s name will be at the door and the name cannot be replaced the day of the event. If a coach cannot attend the tournament, we need to be notified prior to the tournament by Thursday night at 9:00pm.

All black belts who possess the IBJJF ID card up to date don’t need to pay for the spectator fee.