By Gabriella McCrossan

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Everyone loves BJJ (or they should). We all want to train more, but sometimes our bodies just can’t keep up with our love for training. Here are some things you can do to support your body’s ability to keep up with training.

Hydrating: I know you already know this, but it can’t be said enough. Getting enough water doesn’t have to be hard. You can bring a bottle with you to work or in the car and refill it throughout the day. You can stop at the gas station and grab a gallon in the morning and set goals for yourself throughout the day. If you get tired of the taste of water, you can add things like lemon or cucumber to make it taste better. The only important thing is that you start hydrating well before training, and then make sure to replenish your fluids again when you’re done so that you can get the most out of your body.

Eating: There are plenty of ways to get this wrong, it’s a nuanced and highly individual aspect of anyone’s life. If you’re struggling with eating, there are some simple things you can try. If you train after work, try packing a healthy snack to eat an hour or two before training. Planning ahead, maybe during the weekend is a great way to improve your eating on a consistent basis. Figure out what works for you, when and what to eat before and after training. It might not sound super fun, but the fun you’ll have from feeling 100% is absolutely worth it.

Stretching: This might not be quite as big as the other things on the list, but it’s definitely a habit that can be incorporated into your day to improve your Jiu Jitsu. If you have a desk job or you’re a student, you can make an effort to stretch and move around. When you train, you can take an extra ten minutes to stretch afterward to improve your range of motion and help yourself recover. If you really want to make a change, try some yoga, or just stretch in your down time while you watch TV or make it a part of your morning routine. There are a lot of easy ways to add a little stretching to your day.

Sleeping: Last but certainly not least is sleep! The importance of sleep cannot be understated. Anything less than 6 hours on a regular basis really is not acceptable. If you just don’t have enough time in your life to make that happen, then unfortunately you have some choices to make. You might be able to choose not to stay up late watching Netflix or hanging out with friends. But you might not be able to find more time between work and taking care of your children, and all the other things life has to throw at you. That’s okay, if you can only train a couple times a week, that’s better than pushing yourself and getting hurt or burnt out. You already know these things, and now you might have the nudge you need to get back to paying attention to them. The benefits of these habits not only support your love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training, but they can improve your life overall. There are plenty of other things that you might do that you’ve found to help with training all the time. Share your favorite ways to stay healthy and train hard in the comments!