Coaches' Conduct

Coaches' Conduct

Every team coach will be required to sign the document below before entry to he event is granted.

“I understand that in my position as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach I should always lead by example and that all of my actions are to be held accountable to influence the generations to come. I shall promote fair-play among my peers. I shall be courteous and respect other coaches, athletes and supporters. I shall respect and follow the rules and regulations, and understand that they are there to protect myself and others. I will do my best to promote the good name of our art. I shall be honest, fair and just. I will lead my team members to conduct themselves in the same way as above”

  • As a coach I am responsible for my athletes’ conduct from the moment they enter and exit the event. _____
  • At any time, there will be no inappropriate language specifically directed towards the referee, opponents, event officials or other spectators. _____
  • There are no inappropriate gestures specifically directed towards the opponents, coaches, referees, or any event official. _____
  • Hitting, tapping, kicking the competition area fences or other equipment is prohibited. _____


Any coach that does not follow any article of this code, in or outside of the premises, will be asked to leave the premises. The coach, athlete or the academy are subject to penalties, such as suspension of participation in other events, team point penalties or can be banned from AZBJJL sanctioned event sites. ___

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