Beatriz Campos of Lotus Club Arizona

By Danny O’Donnell

If you’ve been to a recent AZBJJF tournament and watched matches, there’s a good chance you saw Beatriz Campos competing. She recently won her weight and the open class in both the 2019 AZ State Championships and the 2019 No Gi State Championships. In 9 fights over these 2 tournaments, Beatriz had five submissions and four wins by points. While all these wins came in the adult division, Beatriz is currently just 16 years old. “I started training Jiu Jitsu to lose weight and to help me in Judo. I loved Jiu Jitsu and today Jiu Jitsu is my lifestyle! I have also trained Capoeira and Kickboxing.”

Beatriz’s dynamic and submission-based game was influenced by her start in judo and her early instructors in Sao Paulo. “My Professors are always my biggest inspiration in my Jiu Jitsu game. My partners are also big inspirations as well. They always help me and make me grow as a person and an athlete! Ricardo Brandão was my first teacher and professor who helped me build my game, but my other teachers helped me improve my game as well. Master Hercio Teófilo and Eduardo Santos, Lotus's professors, were also big inspirations.”

Training in multiple disciplines and under multiple instructors has made Beatriz a well-rounded grappler who can threaten her opponents from standing, on top, and in the guard. “I like takedowns so much. I also really like to pass guard, as well as playing guard.” One of the challenges competitors often face is evolving their game when they start having success with certain positions early in their competitive careers.  Beatriz hasn’t had this problem as her game often changes from one tournament to the next. “I don’t have the same game every tournament. I really like trying new things when I’m out there competing. My favorite takedown is the Drop Seoi Nage and my favorite guard is Deep Half Guard.”

Although Beatriz is young, she has already won many local and national tournaments. Despite these accomplishments her goals extend beyond more medals. “I want to be a 2x European Champion, 4x Brazilian Champion, and a World Champion. I want to be number one in every division and I want to be an example for everyone! I really want to stick with Jiu Jitsu for my whole life, and if I can’t compete anymore, I would want to help others and keep training! I love teaching and helping my partners. I want to give people the same knowledge as I was given when I started Jiu Jitsu!”

You can find Beatriz competing in the AZBJJF and IBJJF tournaments as well as training at Lotus Club Arizona with Professor Sean Downie. For more information on Lotus Club Arizona please visit