Is Early Morning Jiu Jitsu Training Right for You?

By Tony Cadorin

As Jiu Jitsu continues to grow across the Globe, the variety of of its practitioners represent more and more diverse backgrounds. Some people train and compete as a profession while others use Jiu Jitsu as a tool to stay in shape and relieve stress. Whether you’re earning your living through teaching or you are simply trying to fit training into an already busy schedule, morning Jiu Jitsu classes may be a great option for you.

An early morning class can be beneficial for any school or practitioner because:

1. It helps to accommodate those students with odd schedules, such as firefighters or second shift workers

2. It's a great way to get up, get moving and start your day out on the right foot.

3. Because the set of students that attend the morning classes often become regulars in those classes they may reduce their attendance at night classes. Paralleling the night class curriculum allows those students to keep pace with the rest of the school so that they don't fall behind as they might otherwise due to odd work schedules.

4. Setting your alarm, getting up and attending can also cut down on those days where you skip class because you’re too tired after work or because something came up during the evening preventing you from going to class; the alarm is already going off, you might as well get up and go.

Not many people are used to getting up before six to work out, so that can be a big obstacle for people. However, if you make the commitment and are interested in checking one out or getting one started at your gym, here are a few tips to make sure you get up and make it to class:

1. SET YOUR ALARM.  This may seem obvious, but stranger things have happened.  If you don't think a regular alarm clock will be adequate to get you up and moving by 5:30 AM, look into the "Clocky".  It's an alarm clock on wheels that once it goes if, it rolls off of your nightstand onto the floor and you have to catch it to turn it off.  This may also serve as a good partial warm up for class

2. Set out your gear the night before.  There's nothing worse than fumbling around in the dark because you have no idea where your belt is.  Get your gi and/or rash guard together, a full water bottle, tape and nail clippers and set them out next to your wallet keys and phone so as soon as you get out of bed, you're ready to go.

3. Have a light breakfast.  This may not apply to all, but sometimes a light breakfast can help ward off any hunger pangs before and during training.  Neither you, nor your training partners will appreciate you scarfing down five pounds of breakfast sausage and hash browns beforehand.

4. Account for traffic.  If it's your first time attending, be aware that traffic on the way to your gym may be completely different than you're used to.

So, if you're an early bird who knows some other early birds, and your school isn't offering a early morning class, float the idea.  If you already have one at your school, give it a shot! Do you like to train Jiu Jitsu first thing in the morning? If so, what are your tips for making the most of these classes? Let us know in the comments!