How to Use Smoothcomp for Spectators, Coaches and Competitors

by Danny OD

Smoothcomp is one of the leading providers of tournament software for combat sports, offering spectators, coaches and competitors an easy way to participate, organize and follow tournaments from start to finish. Below are some tips for how spectators, coaches and competitors can get the most out of the new software system utilized by the AZBJJF.


The Smoothcomp system enables spectators to follow the events in real time. This can be done without setting up an account. To follow an AZBJJF tournament, go to and under the tournaments tab pick the event you are looking to follow.

On the day of the event, spectators will be able to see competitors who have registered for the event, brackets and the schedule of matches (including order of fights, current matches and past and upcoming brackets) as well results and live team points.


In order to best utilize Smoothcomp as a coach, you’ll need to create a coach account for your academy. To do this please email us at [email protected]

After creating an account, coaches will be able to see all athletes that have signed up under their academy.

In addition to seeing who has signed up, coaches can also register and pay for their students as well as move them between divisions.

For more information on how to best utilize a coaches account, visit


With Smoothcomp all competitors must create a profile in order to register for an event. To do this visit

Once an account has been created, an athlete can register and pay for tournaments and change his or her division up until the athlete correction deadline.

On tournament day you will be able to log in and view in real time what mat and time your fight will be on.

Your Smoothcomp account is also a place where all your fight records are kept. You can choose to share or hide this information.

More information on the fighter benefits can be found here:

If you try to register and your academy is not listed please contact [email protected]